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Oracle NetSuite
Tax Compliance for Uruguay

The LatamReady SuiteApp extends the power of Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP to enable international corporations to achieve full tax compliance in Latin America.

An innovative Built-for-NetSuite solution, the LatamReady SuiteApp natively supports Tax & Accounting Compliance, Tax Reporting, Electronic Invoicing, and many more amazing features for 18+ Latin American countries, including Uruguay!​

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About LatamReady

LatamReady SuiteApp

The LatamReady SuiteApp is always up to date with all monthly and annual tax reporting forms, making it easy for companies to comply with local tax reporting requirements in Uruguay.

See Standard Features

LatamReady Uruguay - Standard Features

  • 1.Local legally required information (NIT, Person Type)
  • 2.Local transaction types and information required to produce legal ledgers required by local Tax Agency (DGI)
  • 3.Withholding Taxes Engine. Is applied only on accrual (not on payments).
  • 4.Five (5) reports to be presented to local Tax Agency (DGI):
  • a.Daily Ledger (PDF and Excel format)
  • b.Inventory and Balances Ledger (PDF and Excel format)
  • c.VAT Monthly Ledger - Form 2181 (CSV format)
  • d.Withholding Monthly Ledger - Form 1146  (CSV format)
  • e.Withholding Monthly Ledger - Form 1246 (CSV format)
  • See Advanced Features

    LatamReady Advanced Features

    (Each feature subscription is offered separately)

    Electronic Invoicing

    via RSM Uruguay (NetSuite e-Invoicing module is required). RSM Uruguay is the e-Invoicing local supplier directly connected to NetSuite via LatamReady SuiteApp.

  • a.e-Factura
  • b.e-Ticket
  • c.Nota de Crédito de e-Factura
  • d.Nota de Débito de e-Factura
  • e.e-Factura Exportación
  • f.Nota de Crédito de e-Factura Exportación
  • g.Nota de Débito de e-Factura Exportación
  • h.Nota de Crédito de e-Ticket (v.2019.1)
  • i.Nota de Débito de e-Ticket (v.2019.1)
  • Electronic Payments

    NetSuite Electronic Payments + LatamReady combined solution supports the following bank payment files:

  • 1.BBVA (v.2019.1)

  • NetSuite Editions: OneWorld & Midmarket Edition / Legacy & SuiteTax Instances

    The LatamReady SuiteApp fully supports all NetSuite's editions in Uruguay! Unlock opportunities for your growing company by extending the power of NetSuite with our innovative tax compliance solution.

    Customer Care Support
    ​For Uruguay, 18+ Latin American Countries

    Always Up to Date!

    Our service includes unlimited legal updates for 18+ Latin American countries.

    Tax rules in Uruguay are continuously changing and evolving.

    LatamReady, combining local tax advisory in each country and the biggest NetSuite software factory in the region, will ensure that your subsidiary always remains compliant.

    Included in your annual subscription is unlimited customer care support in 3 languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

    Additionally, LatamReady releases 2 official versions per year, always Built-For-NetSuite certified by Oracle.

    ​​E-Learning Platform

    NetSuite Training on Demand

    LatamDojo, our E-Learning Platform, includes thousands of training videos explaining how to be and remain compliant in Latin America with Oracle NetSuite and LatamReady!

    LatamReady Pricing List

    Choose your edition and start working with NetSuite all across Latin America!

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    Chart of Accounts:

  • a.Uruguay Government does not require the use of a Statutory Chart of Accounts
  • b.If the Customer decides to use a Uruguay specific COA (instead of the Corporate COA): LatamReady requires the use of NetSuite Multi-Booking feature
  • Legal ledgers:

  • a.Most of Latin American countries are in transition to exclusively require electronic versions of legal ledgers. In some countries, companies are still able to choose between the use of electronic or printed version of legal ledgers
  • b.LatamReady legal ledgers are exclusively offered following the electronic version (fields, columns and order)
  • c.Electronic version of legal ledgers can be downloaded in CSV format
  • d.Printed version of legal ledgers are not included
  • e.LatamReady includes “Accounting Book” filter in Legal Ledgers for Multi-Booking implementation. (Available on 2018.2)
  • Average Costing:

  • 1.In Latin America, the legally required type of costing is Average Costing
  • 2.Latin American subsidiaries configured in NetSuite are required to transact using Average Costing
  • Safe Harbor

    Safe Harbor Statement

    All forward-looking statements (future LatamReady SuiteApp releases) are intended to outline our general product direction. They are intended for information purposes only, and are not incorporated as part of our contracts. It is not a commitment to deliver any  feature or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for LatamReady’s products remains at the sole discretion of LatamReady.

    Uruguay Is Ready. Are You?