NetSuite Peru SuiteApp

LatamReady Standard Edition

LatamReady SuiteApp Peru - Standard Edition

  • 1.RUC (Tax ID) validation in Customers and Suppliers registers
  • 2.Local transaction types and information required to produce legal ledgers required by SUNAT (Peruvian Tax Agency)
  • 3.Five legal ledgers following electronic format (Monthly information is presented in TXT format):
  • 1.Registro de Compras: Nacionales y No Domiciliados
  • 2.Registro de Ventas
  • 3.Diario (Excel Macro.  TXT Available in v. 2018.1)
  • 4.Mayor (Excel Macro.  TXT Available in v. 2018.1)
  • 5.Balance de Comprobación - 3.17 Libro de Inventarios y Balance (TXT Available 2019.1)
  • 6.Libro de Caja y Bancos (Excel Macro. TXT Available 2019.1)

  • 1.Numbering management for local document types: pre-printed and electronic.
  • 2.Three pre-printed format documents defined by LatamReady. (Only apply if company is not obliged to use Electronic Invoicing)
  • 1.Invoices (Type: Factura)
  • 2.Invoices (Type: Boleta)
  • 3.Credit Memo
  • 4.Debit Memo
  • 5.Waybill (Guia de Remisión)
  • 3.Set of 85 Reports/Audit Reports/Searches/Alerts developed by LatamReady
  • a.Is a set of non-legal reports
  • b.This set of reports has been developed to be used to analyze, review and validate the information to be sent to SUNAT (Peruvian Tax Agency)

  • 7. Localized Expense Reports (E.g. meals, travels, petty cash, etc.) to present expenses in Legal Purchase Ledger (Registro de Compras)

    8. Withholding Taxes (Retenciones) and Detracciones (NetSuite Withholding Tax is required)

    9. Kardex Valorizado: Inventory costing and inventory transactions legal report (NetSuite Advanced Inventory is required)

    10. Fixed Asset legal ledgers (NetSuite Fixed Asset is required):

  • a.Detalle de Activo Fijo (TXT Available in v. 2019.1)
  • b.Detalle de Arrendamiento Financiero (TXT Available in v. 2019.1)
  • 11. Flujo de Efectivo: Cash Flow legal ledger (Direct Method): Excel Macro, TXT Available in v. 2019.1

    LatamReady SuiteApp Peru - Advanced Features

    (Each feature subscription is offered separately)

    Electronic Invoicing

    Via COMFIAR Peru (NetSuite e-Invoicing SuiteApp is required)

  • a.Factura
  • b.Boleta
  • c.Nota de Crédito
  • d.Nota de Débito
  • e.Guía de Remisión
  • Electronic Payments

    NetSuite Electronic Payments + LatamReady combined solution supports the following bank payment files:

  • 1.BCP
  • 2.BBVA Continental (v. 2018.2)
  • 3.Scotiabank (v.2019.1)
  • 4.Interbank (v.2019.1)
  • IVA Withholding Tax Certificate Printing (if the Company is a Withholding Tax Agent named by SUNAT)


    Chart of Accounts:

  • a.Chart of Accounts is statutory in Peru
  • b.LatamReady requires transactions to be performed using local statutory COA and map local COA to corporate COA using NetSuite Multi-Booking feature (implementation / configuration are not included)
  • Legal ledgers:

  • a.Most of Latin American countries are in transition to exclusively require electronic versions of legal ledgers. In some countries, companies are still able to choose between the use of electronic or printed version of legal ledgers
  • b.LatamReady legal ledgers are exclusively offered following the electronic version (fields, columns and order)
  • c.Electronic version of legal ledgers can be downloaded in CSV format
  • d.Printed version of legal ledgers are not included
  • e.LatamReady includes “Accounting Book” filter in Legal Ledgers for Multi-Booking implementation.
  • Average Costing:

  • a.In Latin America, the legally required type of costing is Average Costing
  • b.Latin American subsidiaries configured in NetSuite are required to transact using Average Costing
  • Double accounting in Peru: by Nature and by Function:

  • a.Double accounting for the same posting  is not supported by NetSuite
  • b.IMPORTANT: Double accounting is not legally required
  • c.LatamReady suggest to exclusively perform accounting posting by Nature (Class 6 expense accounts)
  • d.Information by Function could be worked by NetSuite segmentation (departments, classes) and via custom reports (not included)
  • 1.
  • Double Exchange Rate (Sales and Purchase Exchange Rates):

  • a.NetSuite supports one single Exchange Rate to be used as automatic suggestion for registering a new transaction in a foreign currency
  • b.LatamReady suggests to register Sales Exchange Rate
  • c.For Purchasing and Bank transactions: the user, with the correct role, will be able to edit/change the exchange rate for each transaction and manually update the suggested Exchange Rate to the Purchase Exchange Rate

  • Safe Harbor Statement

    All forward-looking statements (future LatamReady SuiteApp releases) are intended to outline our general product direction. They are intended for information purposes only, and are not incorporated as part of our contracts. It is not a commitment to deliver any  feature or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for LatamReady’s products remains at the sole discretion of LatamReady.