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Oracle NetSuite
Tax Compliance for Brazil

The LatamReady SuiteApp extends the power of Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP to enable international corporations to achieve full tax compliance in Latin America.

An innovative Built-for-NetSuite solution, the LatamReady SuiteApp natively supports Tax & Accounting Compliance, Tax Reporting, Electronic Invoicing, and many more amazing features for 18+ Latin American countries, including Brazil!

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About LatamReady

Tax Determination &
Tax Information Reporting Features for Brazil

The LatamReady SuiteApp is always up to date with all monthly and annual tax reporting forms, making it easy for companies to comply with local tax reporting requirements in Brazil.

Plus! A set of Reports/Audit Reports/Searches/Alerts developed by LatamReady

The LatamReady SuiteApp includes a set of non-legal reports that our local users can utilize to review and validate legal reporting information as a previous task before sending/uploading the information to the local tax authority.

100% compatible, the LatamReady SuiteApp is now ready to run permanently together with the NetSuite SuiteTax feature!

See Brazil Ledgers

The LatamReady SuiteApp fully supports NetSuite's multi-booking feature and includes the following ledgers for legal reporting in Brazil:

  • 1.EFD Contribuições (TXT format)
  • a.PIS COFINS Apropriação Direta -> "No Cumulativa" (Services)
  • b.PIS COFINS Rateio Receita Bruta "No Cumulativa" (Services)
  • c.PIS COFINS including Withholding Taxes "No Cumulativa" & "Cumulativa" (Services)
  • d.PIS COFINS not including Withholiding Taxes "No Cumulativa" & "Cumulativa" (Services)
  • e.PIS COFINS with Exempt Invoices "Cumulativo"
  • f.PIS COFINS with Exempt Invoices "No Cumulativo"
  • g.PIS COFINS Apropriação Direta -> "No Cumulativa" (Inventory Items) (2020.1)
  • h.PIS COFINS Rateio Receita Bruta "No Cumulativa" (Inventory Items) (2020.1)
  • i.PIS COFINS including Withholding Taxes "No Cumulativa" & "Cumulativa" (Inventory Items) (2020.1)
  • j.PIS COFINS not including Withholiding Taxes "No Cumulativa" & "Cumulativa" (Inventory Items) (2020.1)
  • k.Block A Exempt
  • l.Including the lines: 0110, A100, C100, C500, D010 F100, F500, F550, F600, M100/M500, 1100/1500
  • 2.EFD Fiscal
  • a.ICMS / IPI "Cumulativo"
  • b.ICMS / IPI "No Cumulativo"
  • c.Shipping for Purchases
  • d.Shipping for Sales
  • e.Return of Purchasing Danfe
  • f.Voucher Report for D100
  • 3.DCTF - Declaração de Débitos e Créditos Tributários Federais
  • a."No Cumulativa"(Services)
  • b."Cumulativa" (Services)
  • c."No Cumulativa" (Inventory Items)
  • d.DCTF Audit
  • e.DCTF Web (2020.2)
  • f.CIDE Calculation (With IOF)
  • g.Opening of the validation of the Revenue Journal - Invoice
  • 4.SPED Reinf Including the R1000, R2010, R2020, R2060 e R2090 blocks
  • 5.SPED ECD (TXT format) (2020.1)
  • a.G - Diário Geral
  • b.R - Diário com Escrituração Resumida
  • c.A - Diário Auxiliar
  • d.Z - Razão Auxiliar
  • e.B - Livro de Balancetes Diários e Balanços
  • 6.SPED ECF and ECD Annual Reports (TXT format) (2020.2)
  • 7.DIRF (TXT format)
  • 8.GIA Including the CR01, CR05, CR07, CR10, CR14, CR20, CR30 blocks (Sao Paulo y Rio)
  • a.GIA ST
  • b.GIA SP – Guia de informações da apuração do ICMS (2020.1)
  • c.GIA SP Filial - Guia de informações da apuração do ICMS (2020.1)
  • d.DANFE Return
  • e.Purchase and Sale Shipping Consideration
  • 9.Siscoserv
  • 10.Exit Books
  • 11.Entrance Books
  • 12.ICMS Calculation Book
  • 13.SINTEGRA (MG)
  • 14.DES (MG)
  • 15.DIMOB
  • Download Samples

    Learn more about legal ledgers with NetSuite in Brazil!

    Tax Rules & Tax Calculation Features for Brazil

    Local Exchange Rate Directly Inside of NetSuite (Add-On)

    LatamReady offers a direct connection to the local National Bank (BCB) to automatically pull the daily exchange rate (USD Dollars / Local Currency).

    Local Tax Agencies

    We work in an integrated way with the tax agencies of each country we serve; in Brazil, we work with Fazenda.

    Tax Calculation (Inventory Transactions) (Add-On)

    Sales Taxes in Brazil are calculated inside of NetSuite via a blended solution that combines:

  • NetSuite localization tools
  • LatamTax, LatamReady's tax engine developed inside of NetSuite and designed exclusively for Latin America
  • Systax, a leading solution for tax calculation in Brazil specializing in inventory taxes
  • From a user perspective, everything happens inside of NetSuite. LatamTax calculates local taxes and/or establishes a secure web service connection to Systax to pull the correct set of Brazilian taxes on sales transactions (Inventory Items).

    See Tax Calculation Details

    LatamTax + Systax pre-configured set of taxes includes:

  • 1.PIS (Contribuição para os Programas de Integração Social / Program of Social Integration)
  • 2.COFINS (Contribuição Social para o Financiamento da Seguridade Social / Contribution of the Finances for Social Security)
  • 3.CSLL (Contribuição Social sobre o Lucro Líquido / Social Contribution on Net Profits)
  • 4.ISS (Imposto sobre Serviços / Brazilian Tax on Services)
  • 5.IRPJ (Imposto de Renda de Pessoa Jurídica)
  • 6.FUST (Fundo de Universalização dos Serviços de Telecomunicações)
  • 7.FUNTEL (Fundo para o Desenvolvimento Tecnológico das Telecomunicações)
  • 8.IPI (Imposto sobre Produtos Industrializados)
  • 9.ICMS (Imposto sobre Operações Relativas à Circulação de Mercadorias e Serviços de Transporte Interestadual e Intermunicipal e de Comunicações)
  • 10.Substituição Tributária (Inventory Items)
  • 11.ICMS ST (Inventory Items)
  • 12.IOF
  • 13.CIDE
  • 14.DIFAL
  • 15.Import withholdings
  • 16.Calculation of taxes on debit notes with interest and fines
  • 17.Mass Payments
  • 18.Advance payments
  • 19.Tax Substitution
  • 20.Tax Reduction
  • Electronic Invoicing
    Features for Brazil

    Send E-Invoices Directly from Inside of NetSuite

    LatamReady offers a complete solution within NetSuite for electronic documents in Brazil.

    Easily manage E-invoices, Credit & Debit memos, Waybills, and more! With the LatamReady SuiteApp, international corporations can issue E-invoices from inside of NetSuite and generate pixel-perfect electronic documents with a simple click of a button.

    Does your subsidiary issue hundreds or thousands of E-documents? Ask for our advanced solutions for bulk processing E-documents!

    LatamReady complements E-documents with the ability to produce Boleto Bancãrio (a PDF document that Brazilian customers expect to receive for paying an invoice and collection files to be sent /received to/from the bank). Our solution has the capacity to process up to 10,000 E-documents with the required formats for the following local banks:

  • 1.Bank of America (Brazilian branch)
  • 2.Itaú (v.2020.2 )
  • 3.Bradesco (v.2020.2)
  • 4.Santander (v.2020.2)
  • 5.Banco do Brasil
  • 6.Banco Citibank
  • In addition, it is also now possible to use the massive billing feature with automatic configuration for NON-electronic documents.

    For billing, it is possible to make remittances abroad with NetSuite and all the calculations and rules necessary for the operation.

    For importation, the LatamReady SuiteApp has updates for the payment of purchase taxes.

    See More E-Document Features

    LatamReady's pre-configured set of E-Documents includes:

  • 1.NFS-e: e-Invoice for Service Items (Sao Paulo, Rio and San Bernardo municipalities) including Cancelamento process.
  • 2.NF-e: e-Invoice for Inventory Items (Nationwide) including Cancelamento process.
  • 3.NF-e: Sales
  • 4.NF-e: Correction
  • 5.NF-e: Shipping
  • 6.NF-e: Transfer
  • 7.NF-e: Import
  • 8.NF-e: DIFAL e FCP
  • 9.NF-e: Devolution of goods
  • 10.NF-e: Return of goods
  • 11.Nota Fiscal de Devolução: e-Invoice for Inventory Items (Nationwide) (v.2020.1)
  • 12.NF-e Complementar: e-Invoice for Inventory Items (Nationwide) to add information in original NF-e (v.2020.1)
  • 13.CC-e Carta de Correcao Electrònica: e-invoicing for Service and Inventory Items (Nationwide) (v.2020.1)
  • 14.DANFE Importaçoes: e-Invoice for import goods - purchase process (Nationwide) (v.2020.1)
  • 15.DANFE Transferência de depósito: e-Invoice for transfers between warehouses (Nationwide) (v.2020.2)
  • 16.Shipment Cancellation
  • 17.Return DANFE
  • 18.NF-e:CTE
  • 19.Remessa ao exterior
  • Download E-Document Samples

    Learn more about E-Invoicing with NetSuite in Brazil!

    Electronic Payment
    Features for Brazil

    LatamReady Supports Massive Bill Payments

    Via NetSuite's Electronic Payments SuiteApp, LatamReady enables companies to make massive electronic payments that follow the specific local formats required in Brazil.

    We support payments with tax withholdings, interest, and fines, as well as payments by transfers and “Boleto Bancário” with the control of the files of remittance and return to these local Brazilian banks:

  • 1.Bank of America (Brazilian branch)
  • 2.Itau (It is possible to use the PIX key)
  • 3.Bradesco
  • 4.Santander
  • 5.JP Morgan
  • 6.City Bank
  • Learn more about E-Documents with NetSuite in Brazil!

    NetSuite Editions: OneWorld & Midmarket Edition / Legacy & SuiteTax Instances

    The LatamReady SuiteApp fully supports all NetSuite's editions in Brazil! Unlock opportunities for your growing company by extending the power of NetSuite with our innovative tax compliance solution.

    Customer Care Support
    For Brazil, 18+ Latin American Countries

    Always Up to Date!

    Our service includes unlimited legal updates for 18+ Latin American countries.

    Brazilian and Latin American tax rules are continuously changing and evolving.

    LatamReady, combining local tax advisory in each country and the biggest NetSuite software factory in the region, will ensure that your subsidiary always remains compliant.

    Included in your annual subscription is unlimited customer care support in 3 languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

    Additionally, LatamReady releases 2 official versions per year, always Built-For-NetSuite certified by Oracle.

    E-Learning Platform

    Training on Demand

    LatamDojo, our E-Learning Platform, includes thousands of training videos explaining how to be and remain compliant in Latin America with Oracle NetSuite and LatamReady!

    LatamReady Pricing List

    Choose your edition and start working with NetSuite all across Latin America!

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    1.Chart of Accounts:

    a.Chart of Accounts is not statutory in Mexico

    b.NetSuite Mexico SuiteApps includes a mapping tool to link Customer’s accounts to Mexican legal classification of accounts

    c.If the Customer decides to use a COA exclusively for Mexico: NetSuite Multi-Booking feature is required.

    2.Custom Segments (NetSuite Feature): not supported by all LatamReady Advanced Features.

    3.Average Costing:

    a.In Latin America, the legally required type of costing is Average Costing.

    b.Latin American subsidiaries configured in NetSuite are required to transact using Average Costing.

    Safe Harbor

    All forward-looking statements (future LatamReady SuiteApp releases) are intended to outline our general product direction. They are intended for information purposes only, and are not incorporated as part of our contracts. It is not a commitment to deliver any feature or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for LatamReady’s products remains at the sole discretion of LatamReady.

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