Oracle NetSuite Tax Compliance for Bolivia

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NetSuite Bolivia SuiteApp

LatamReady Standard Edition

LatamReady Tax Compliance SuiteApp

LatamReady SuiteApp Bolivia - Standard Edition

  • 1.Local legally required information (NIT, Tipo de persona)
  • 2.Local transaction types and information required to produce legal ledgers required by SIN  (Bolivian Tax Agency)
  • 3.Withholding Taxes Engine to manage (IT and IUE) using NetSuite standard feature
  • 1.Professional Services (Por el ejercicio de profesiones liberales u oficios)
  • 2.Rent and Interest (Por alquileres, intereses y otros similares)
  • 3.Foreign Withholding Tax (Retenciones al exterior)
  • 4.Five (5) reports to be presented to SIN:
  • i.Libro Ventas IVA (CSV format)
  • ii.Libro Compras IVA (CSV format)
  • iii.Diario (Excel format)
  • iv.Mayor (Excel format)
  • v.Inventario y Balances (Excel format)
  • LatamReady SuiteApp Bolivia - Advanced Features

    (Each feature subscription is offered separately)

  • 1.Electronic Invoicing via COMFIAR Bolivia (NetSuite e-Invoicing module is required). COMFIAR is the e-Invoicing local supplier that will be directly connected to NetSuite (v. 2019.1)

  • Considerations:

    Chart of Accounts:

  • a.Bolivia Government does not require the use of a Statutory Chart of Accounts
  • b.If the Customer decides to use a Bolivia specific COA (instead of the Corporate COA): LatamReady requires the use of NetSuite Multi-Booking feature
  • Legal ledgers:

  • a.Most of Latin American countries are in transition to exclusively require electronic versions of legal ledgers. In some countries, companies are still able to choose between the use of electronic or printed version of legal ledgers
  • b.LatamReady legal ledgers are exclusively offered following the electronic version (fields, columns and order)
  • c.Electronic version of legal ledgers can be downloaded in CSV format
  • d.Printed version of legal ledgers are not included.
  • e.LatamReady includes “Accounting Book” filter in Legal Ledgers for Multi-Booking implementation.
  • Average Costing:

  • 1.In Latin America, the legally required type of costing is Average Costing
  • 2.Latin American subsidiaries configured in NetSuite are required to transact using Average Costing

  • Safe Harbor Statement

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