Oracle NetSuite Tax Compliance for Argentina

LatamReady SuiteApp

LatamReady SuiteApp is the only Native Tax Compliance solution available at that supports the whole Latin American Region.

LatamReady supports 150+ Customers, including the biggest Oracle NetSuite clients who have implemented in Latin America.

Tax Determination & Tax Information Reporting Features

For Argentina

Fully supporting NetSuite's Multi-Booking feature, our solution for Argentinian Legal Reporting includes the following ledgers:

  • 1.CITI Compras (TXT)
  • 2.Libro IVA Compra Resumido (CSV)
  • 3.Libro IVA Compra Detallado (CSV)
  • 4.Citi Ventas  (TXT)
  • 5.Libro IVA Ventas Resumido (CSV)
  • 6.Libro IVA Ventas Detallado (CSV)
  • 7.Libro Diario (PDF incluyendo transporte entre páginas)
  • 8.Libro de Inventario y Balance (Annual)
  • 9.Retenciones SICORE - SIAP (TXT)
  • a.ARBA Percepciones Efectuadas IIBB BBSS
  • b.ARBA Percepciones Sufridas IIBB BBSS
  • c.ARBA Retenciones Efectuadas IIBB BBSS
  • d.ARBA Retenciones Sufridas IIBB BBSS
  • e.ARCIBA Retenciones y Percepciones Efectuadas IIBB CABA
  • f.ARCIBA Retenciones y Percepciones Sufridas IIBB CABA
  • g.IVA Percepciones Efectuadas
  • h.IVA Percepciones Sufridas
  • i.IVA Compra Digital
  • j.IVA Venta Digital
  • k.SICORE retenciones y percepciones efectuadas
  • l.SICORE Retenciones y Percepciones Sufridas
  • m.SICORE Version 2021 sufridas
  • n.SICORE Version 2021 efectuadas
  • o.SIFERE Percepciones Efectuadas Convenio Multilateral
  • p.SIFERE Percepciones Sufridas Convenio Multilateral
  • q.SIFERE Retenciones Efectuadas Convenio Multilateral
  • r.SIFERE Retenciones Sufridas Convenio Multilateral
  • s.SIJP Retenciones y percepciones efectuadas SUSS
  • t.SIJP Retenciones y Percepciones Sufridas SUSS
  • u.SUSS visualizacion SIRE
  • v.SIRCAR Percepciones Efectuadas IIBB
  • w.SIRCAR Percepciones Efectuadas IIBB
  • x.SIRCAR Retenciones Efectuadas IIBBB
  • y.SIRCAR Retenciones Sufridas IIBB
  • z.SAREPE Percepciones Efectuadas IIBB
  • aa.SAREPE Percepciones Sufridas IIBB
  • ab.SAREPE Retenciones Efectuadas IIBB
  • ac.SAREPE Retenciones Sufridas IIBB
  • ad.SIRETPER Percepciones Efectuadas IIBB Tucumán
  • ae.SIRETPER Percepciones Sufridas IIBB Tucumán
  • af.SIRETPER Retenciones Sufridas IIBB Tucumán
  • ag.SIRETPER Retenciones Efectuadas IIBB Tucumán
  • ah.SUJVINC Compras y Ventas

  • Plus! A set of Reports/Audit Reports/Searches/Alerts developed by LatamReady

    LatamReady SuiteApp includes a set of non-legal reports that our Local Users find useful to review/validate legal reports information as a previous task before sending/uploading the information to the local Tax Authority.

    Tax Rules and Tax Calculation Features

    For Argentina

    Withholding Tax Rate automatically updated inside of NetSuite

    LatamReady offers a direct connection to the local Tax Agency to automatically adapt to Perception and Withholding Tax Rates on monthly basis (ARBA).

    Tax Calculation

    LatamTax and LatamReady’s Tax Engine are two tax softwares developed inside of NetSuite. They are designed exclusively for Latin America and are suitable for the complexity of local Withholding Taxes in Sales and Purchases.

    LatamTax supports particular local scenarios such as:

  • 1.Latam - Rate
  • 2.Latam - Amount To (Gross, Tax o Net)
  • 3.Latam - Minimum Amount
  • 4.Latam - Monthly Accumulated
  • 5.Latam - Maximum Amount
  • 6.Latam - Do Base Amount (No restar Minimo, Restar Minimo, Minimo y Maximo)
  • 7.Latam - Not Taxable Minimum
  • 8.Latam - Set Base Retention
  • 9.Latam - Add Accumulated Amount
  • 10.LatamTax pre-configured set of taxes includes:
  • a.Honorarios Withholding Tax
  • b.Ganancias (Income Tax)
  • c.IIBB per Jurisdicción (Region)
  • d.SUSS, IVA
  • e.Perceptions

  • Withholding Tax Certificates Formats

    LatamTax fits the requirements for Withholding Tax Certificates that are required by Suppliers in every payment.

    Local Tax ID Validation

    No more local Tax IDs incorrectly registered! LatamReady includes the local validation algorithm required to verify that!

    Electronic Invoicing Features

    For Argentina

    Directly from inside of NetSuite

    LatamReady offers a complete solution for Electronic Documents in Argentina working natively inside of NetSuite.

    No need for managing an additional local service, we do it for you!.

    The local e-documents supported are:

  • 1.Invoices
  • a.Type A and B

  • b. Type E (Foreign Customers)

    c. Factura de Credito Electronica (Types A and B)

  • 2.Credit memos (Types A, B)

  • 3.Debit memos (Types A, B)

  • Does your subsidiary issue hundreds or thousands of e-Documents? Ask for our advanced solutions for bulk processing e-Documents!

    Electronic Payments Features

    For Argentina

    LatamReady supports payment files for the following local Banks:

    LatamReady supports massive Bill payments for the following local Banks:

  • 1.BBVA Frances
  • 2.Santander
  • 3.Galicia
  • 4.HSBC (v. 2020.2)

  • Customer Care Support

    For Argentina, 18+ Latin American Countries

    Always Up to Date!

    Our service includes legal updates for 18+ Latin American Countries.

    Argentinian and Latin American Tax Rules are continuously changing and evolving.

    LatamReady, combining local tax advisory in each country and the biggest NetSuite software factory in the Region, will ensure that your subsidiary keeps running compliant.

    Included in your annual subscription, you will also receive Unlimited Customer Care support in 3 languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

    Additionally, LatamReady releases 2 official versions per year, always Built-For-NetSuite certified by Oracle.

    LatamDojo e-Learning Platform

    For Argentina, 18+ Latin American Countries

    Training on Demand

    LatamDojo, our E-learning Platform, includes thousands of training videos explaining how to be and remain compliant in Latin America with Oracle NetSuite and LatamReady!

    LatamReady Pricing List

    For Argentina, 18+ Latin American Countries

    Choose your edition and start working with NetSuite all across Latin America!

    Safe Harbor

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